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How to Find Subject To Properties

Discover the fastest, easiest, most affordable and least complicated way to acquire property…
Person holding real estate investing postcards for direct mail
Lead Gen Tactics

Is Direct Mail Dead?

The real estate world is an industry that still uses direct mail marketing and strategies to try to reach leads. Real estate investors are starting to wonder if it’s worth it since digital is cheaper and easy to…

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GoForClose phone headset for REI Sales VA
Lead Gen Tactics

Your Trained REI Sales VA

Need manpower but don’t want to deal with recruiting, training and HR management? GoForClose now offers the possibility to have your own remote specialist without the hassle. Our VAs are fully REI and sales trained…

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what is campaign automation specialist writing on whiteboard
Marketing Strategy

What is Campaign Automation

Through the power of technology, the expertise of our marketers, and the insight of our REI experts, we create multi-functional campaigns to maximize efficiency and connect with multiple leads…

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