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increase traffic with retargeting tactics

Why Retargeting is Important in Real Estate Investing

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Home » Marketing Strategy » Why Retargeting is Important in Real Estate Investing

Website customers abandon the sales pipeline as much as 80% of the time, and typically only 2% to 4% of first-time visitors convert (gasp!). Never fear. The good news is those visitors can be won back.

Return visitors are valuable to your business in the long run because they manifested intent. They have a much higher conversion rate and are far less likely to bounce (i.e., the act of leaving after visiting a single page without interaction). 

How Do You Bring Back Motivated Leads?

Retargeting (sometimes called remarketing) is the answer. It is a proven way of staying front-of-mind with past visitors to your website and enticing them to return and become sales. By retargeting leads, you can show them compelling visual or text ads on other websites.

The main components of retargeting are awareness and conversions. Both are important, and each has a different part to play.


Keeping your brand at the forefront of motivated lead minds is crucial, especially for past visitors that have already shown interest in your business. Increasing awareness is the best way to return people to your marketing funnel. The data-driven tracking technology used for retargeting enables your brand to follow users across qualified websites.

Your targeted online ads only appear to people who have visited your site but did not submit the “I want an offer” form. These ads are a gentle reminder of your company’s brand and of what prompted initial interest.

Seeing your brand on other websites and social media streams can intrigue past visitors. Catching a customer’s eye builds familiarity and trust, and leads to the ultimate goal.


retarget leads who already visited your site

Make that sale! Retargeting is an effective way to attract leads who have already visited. Engage them again with highly-relevant advertising and bring that traffic back to your website, ready to take action. 

These are genuine prospects, shoppers that clicked on your advertising, visited your website, or maybe even started filling the form but changed their mind. Reminding those past visitors about your company can encourage them to return and finish requesting their cash offer.

Another benefit of retargeting is a narrowly defined audience. This provides a better return on investment (ROI) because you market only to those who have already shown interest. These visitors are far more likely to convert. Focusing on an engaged customer with specific messaging will stretch your ad dollars further.

As you can see, the rewards of retargeting leads are significant. With proper implementation, you will be increasing your brand exposure and landing new sales in no time. But wait. You don’t know where or how to begin? No problem!

GoForClose Takes Care of Everything for You

GoForClose has you covered. From setting up the retargeting campaign to analyzing your audience segments to creating eye-catching digital advertisements, our strategies re-engage website visitors who left without requesting an offer. We will identify those customers that left your sales pipeline too soon, reacquire their attention, and return them to your website.

More than a platform with automated campaigns, GoForClose provides you with a team of dedicated marketing experts who use multiple digital channels and offline mediums to reach your leads.

Data is critical in digital marketing – one of the most significant advantages of using digital channels is tracking the performance and usage of the leads throughout their digital seller’s journey.

We use data to assess what is working for specific customer segments and markets, and we are continuously optimizing to improve performance and ROI.

Throughout integrated marketing tactics, we combine technology and expertise to track the performance of offline communications, such as direct mail, and test multiple pieces.

data is critical in digital marketing and retargeting

If you have questions or are curious to know more, request a free consultation below.

Wayne Hudson
Business Development Manager

Wayne Hudson has a background in sales and real estate - but with a passion for economics. He uses his knowledge of economics and real estate to help clients think strategically and make decisions to optimize their outcome.
As the company's business developer, Wayne works to help GoForClose grow.

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