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Cold Calling Techniques

To be successful with cold calling in Real Estate Investing, you need excellent seller lead lists, well-trained cold callers and continuous performance assessments, great scripts, clear pre-qualification goals, an effective dialer, and a highly efficient environment.

We’ve got them all! Cold calling is included in our outbound marketing package.

The Best Approach to Cold Calling

Cold calling is as essential a channel as text messaging or ringless voicemail. But there is a right way to call and a wrong way.

Our Inside Sales Associates (ISA) handle all cold calling campaigns and know how to carry on a conversation with a homeowner to prevent a hang up or rejection.

Lead scoring leads with scores and tags

Lead Scoring to Identify Motivated Seller Leads

Using proprietary software, we build a motivated homeowner list unmatched in the industry, based on unique data sets only available through GoForClose. We then use seller lead scoring models to identify the priority leads to call first.

Our lead scoring models give “points” to homeowner leads based on factors such as demographics, whether they have tax delinquencies, preforeclosure notices, and much more. Focusing on leads with high distress factors saves time, as we target first the homeowners who will most likely need to sell soon.

cold calling by VA virtual assistant real estate investing

Professional Cold Callers

Our Inside Sales Associates (ISA) cold call leads, prequalify and schedule appointments. Their Real Estate Investing training and experience talking to homeowners allows them to converse with sellers about their pain points and motivations to sell.

In our time, our cold callers have achieved over:

Numbers Dialed
Leads Engaged
Phone call mobile id with number

Make Connections, Avoid Rejections

The goal of cold calling is to engage leads in conversation that nurtures them to request an offer and then prequalify them and set an appointment on your calendar.

We avoid waste and lost leads by using Real Estate Investing scripts that target motivations throughout stages of the seller journey. These scripts are then optimized based on results and conversions.

Rejection is not uncommon, but your dedicated Inside Sales Associate (ISA) has heard every excuse to end a phone conversation, and they know how to reengage and keep leads on target to request and schedule an appointment.

Dialing into High Productivity

Technology matters, and we use the best dialer for outbound calls, with built-in features and customized to excel in cold calling to Real Estate Investing seller leads.

Caller-ID Proximity Match

The display numbers are in proximity to the leads’ area code and within your targeted market.

Dial-List Prioritization

The dialer starts dialing lists through queues based on lead scoring priority.

Multiple Calls and Touches

Multiple call attempts to increase conversation rates and follow-up appointments until the lead is ready.

Motivation-Driven Scripts

Our cold calling scripts are crafted to address specific motivations and situations. These scripts are constantly optimized based on results.

Predictive Dialer

No waste of time. The dialer predicts and skips busy, no-answer, and disconnected lines for maximum efficiency of the cold callers’ time.

Do-Not-Call Lists

Fully compliant cold calling. No TCPA and DNC dialing violations. We comply with federal and state telemarketing regulations.

Lead generations more motivated seller leads with marketing funnels

Nurture Leads with Intent

A lead who is “Not Ready” to sell yet may be in a few months. Following up is key to ensure that we stay top-of-mind and detect when the mindset changes. Your Inside Sales Associate (ISA) conducts follow ups to catch when they are ready to say, “Yes, I want an offer.”

For those leads who show interest or intent, but the timing isn’t right, your dedicated ISA adds to an automated marketing campaign and contacts them directly when the time is right.

When the lead is “Ready,” your ISA will provide a warm transfer to you, or your acquisition team, or set an appointment on your calendar.

Cold Calling Insights

Cold Calling Insights

We are always updating our Knowledge Base with the latest insights on REI marketing tactics. Check back weekly for new articles.

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