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Quality Lead Information with

Multi-tiered Skip Tracing

There are hundreds of companies that store and sell lead information. It is as cheap as half a penny to buy numbers, but do you have the time to test and determine which are the best providers for real estate investing?

We aim to consistently bring you the best quality data. When you batch skip trace with GoForClose, you get the powerhouse of multi-tiered skip tracing, list stacking, and lead scoring to get you in front of the most motivated seller leads first.

Skip tracing house with mobile landline email numbers red wrong green right
Skip tracing house with mobile landline email numbers red wrong green right

The Accuracy of Skip Tracing

What is the hidden cost of a wrong number? It wastes time, consumes your budget, and risks you missing out on a opportunity by not being able to reach a lead fast enough or at all.

Quality, Not Quantity

It does not matter how many numbers you have if they are not accurate. We have compared our accuracy to common batch skip tracing sources, and no one matches our accuracy rate.

It’s crucial to differentiate between match rate and accuracy rate. Many skip tracing services boast of having high match rates, yet it’s not the match rate that’s important, but the accuracy of matches. It’d be better to have a 99% accurate list with a 1% match rate than a 99% match rate with 1% accuracy.

Reach Leads First

Typically that means you can build rapport and trust first, sometimes even close the deal before there are competitors


Accuracy on matches. 

Industry-leading in Real Estate Investing / Wholesaling

Reduce Marketing Costs

Spend your efforts to reach intended seller leads instead of wasting dollars on endless wrong numbers

Skip tracing data manual research

The Three Powerhouses

Why are we best-in-class? Because we aim for true accuracy (not just a “hit” or match rate) and provide the highest quality in the real estate investing industry. Our batch skip tracing goes beyond what is commonly offered. We know data and what investors and wholesalers really need to succeed. Our skip tracing is actually a 3-for-1 by combining multi-tiered skip tracing, list stacking, and lead scoring.

Batch skip tracing data automated multi-tiered sources from goforclose

Top-Level Skip Tracing

  • Multi-tiered skip tracing for highest quality matches
  • Only matched contacts get charged
  • Multiple data appends, including mobile, landline, and email
  • Additional motivation data points, including foreclosures, vacancies,  liens, and judgments
  • Litigation scrubber included
  • USPS Verification
  • Quality over quantity
list stacking on multiple computers with data experts and developers looking at it

Effective List Stacking

Oftentimes, a homeowner will appear in multiple lists and sources. List stacking is essentially cross-referencing the lists. There was a time when this was done manually, being time and labor intensive. Now, thanks to the power of technology, it can be automated: 

  • Automated list stacking
  • No duplicate contacts
  • Multiple motivation data points aggregated to the contact
  • Easy identification of the combination of distress factors
  • High quality assurance
list stacking on multiple computers with data experts and developers looking at it
Lead scoring leads with scores and tags

Winning with Lead Scoring

Using proprietary software, the unique data sets only available to us, and machine learning data analysis, our lead scoring models provide: 

  • Machine learning analyses of thousands of leads and successful deals
  • Identifies winning combinations of distress factors
  • Detects the leads most likely to sell at a discount
  • Finds the potential hottest leads based on time-sensitive factors
data map us with pins of main real estate investing wholesaling markets

Exclusive Motivated Homeowner List

How do we know who to skip trace?  Start with the market, and if you are still not sure of the “where”, use our exclusive tool to Find the Hottest Real Estate Markets.

Then it is time to dig into the data, using our proprietary software and internal database with over 150 million properties. Using our web scraping tools, with help from our data researchers, we build a list you cannot buy. We are market exclusive, serving one investor per market, so it’s first come, first serve.

Skip Tracing Insights

Skip Tracing Insights

We are always updating our Knowledge Base with the latest insights on REI marketing tactics. Check back weekly for new articles.

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