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Ringless Voicemail (RVM)

Ringless voicemail (RVM) is a growing telecommunications technology that delivers voice messages directly into a lead's voicemail box.

Integrating RVM with marketing campaigns is cost-effective, allowing us to reach a great volume of leads at a low cost, and it's a great way to re-engage leads without spending time.

Senior elderly couple reading the ringless voicemail message from a real estate investor on their mobile phone
Senior elderly couple reading the ringless voicemail message from a real estate investor on their mobile phone

The Wide Reach of Ringless Voicemail

Voicemails are a less invasive means to reach out to leads and attempt to connect, allowing the lead to listen to it at their convenience.

Our messaging platform achieves some of the highest conversion rates in the real estate investing industry, with a high response rate.

ringless voicemail thousands of drops

Target Thousands in Seconds

RVM is less intrusive and targets thousands of real estate prospects in a short amount of time.

The voicemail drops are  ~100% compatible with all mobile devices in the U.S.

Our SMART technology effortlessly drops messages into thousands of voicemail inboxes at the click of a button, while fully compliant with state laws.

ringless voicemail thousands of drops
ringless voicemail RVM real estate investor transcript message

Guaranteed Accuracy Voice-to-Text Transcription

Unlike many Ringless Voicemail (RVM) providers that only focus on drop and delivery, we also focus on the quality of the transcription, which yields great benefits:

  • It’s more convenient, allowing leads to read the voicemail in text instead of listening to them
  • It facilitates the communication with hearing impaired leads
  • Great for older people who often prefer to read the message but then reach back via landline or even text
  • Easier to share and forward to others, such as spouses and adult children

Amazingly Effective Way to Engage and Nurture

Some channels impose limitations on how many messages can be sent at the same time and how many leads you can engage simultaneously. Ringless Voicemail allows us to send thousands of voicemail drop messages directly to leads in just minutes or even seconds.

Our customized voicemail messages speak to the seller's motivations and distress factors and encourage callbacks.

High RVM Deliverability

Reach a high volume of leads at the same time

94% Deliverability

On occasion the inboxes are too full, but our Ringless Voicemail Drop rate is still exceptional

Reach the Unreachable

Some leads go dark, but our voicemails are hard to ignore

~20% response from the unresponsive

They may not answer the phone or text, but voicemail has shown to be able to increase the number of connections

Massive Response Rate

Accelerate and scale the marketing effort. Great to engage, re-engage, and nurture the "not ready" leads

67% Callback Rates

But that is not all: many leads will text or even email back instead of calling, proving that RVM can be great at sparking conversations
real estate investing automated marketing campaign with texting and ringless voicemail messages

The Gold Is In The Follow Up

Generic messages get deleted. So we personalize every voicemail, addressing the known distress factors and motivations, to grab attention and provoke a response.

We use over 50 professional real estate investing scripts for recording professional voicemails. Scripts are optimized based on tracked progress, response per seller motivations, and where they are in the seller’s journey, making each message feel like a 1-to-1 communication.

 Here are some of the ways we use voicemails in our marketing campaigns:

  • Re-engage unresponsive or gone cold leads
  • Continue to nurture leads who were “not yet ready” to stay top of mind
  • Send personalized follow-ups to assess where they are in their seller journey to identify when or if they are ready

The Right Message at The Right Time

Ringless Voicemail (RVM) humanizes nurture and follow-up campaigns. It is particularly effective with leads who showed prior interest. 

Strategically timed, our voicemails are sent at critical times when the motivation is expected to increase. That one lead who was not ready 6 months ago, can be the deal of a lifetime now. 

Our Inside Sales Associates (ISA) follow up with leads via text, email, or phone call, and nurture them till they are ready to sell. When a lead is ready, your ISA will provide a warm transfer to you or your sales team to close the deal.

Leads Converted in 8 Months
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Compliant with RVM Laws

Ringless voicemail requires compliance with federal and state laws and adherence to the TCPA

We are aware of all telemarketing laws and regulations and update our mobile marketing campaigns accordingly. We are also Do Not Contact (DNC) compliant and manage any requests to be added to our DNC / DND lists.

Ringless Voicemail Insights

We are always updating our Knowledge Base with the latest insights on REI marketing tactics. Check back weekly for new articles.

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