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Engage Seller Leads with

Email Marketing

Email marketing facilitates conversations at a time that’s convenient for them to take a message. Combined with other channels, it generates high ROI and gives you a broader reach than most channels.

Using our multi-tiered skip tracing and email validation tools, we ensure high deliverability and spark conversations.

Email marketing for real estate investing subject line for jessica who is about to open the email
Email marketing for real estate investing subject line for jessica who is about to open the email

Data + Email = A Match Made In Heaven

To be successful in real estate investing / wholesaling, you need to build trust and nurture relationships. We use email to deliver personalized and relevant messages in a non-intrusive way, assisting in building the trust that will ultimately turn into a warm transfer to you.

Targeted Leads

Dozens of data providers to find motivated sellers for real estate investing

Multi-tierd Skip Tracing

We focus on accuracy. Using a multi-tiered system, we have an unbeatable 92% accuracy

Industry-leading Lead Scoring

Start with the homeowners who will most likely need to sell soon

Email Validation

Effective 99% deliverability

Computer with gmail email about selling house to an investor

Segmented Emails Based on Lead Profile

Segmentation uses seller personas – their motivations and where they are in their journey, so the right message is sent to the right person at the right time. Segmented campaigns have on average:

  • 23% higher open rates
  • 49% higher click through rates
  • 65% higher email to form submission

We have customized email templates for pre-foreclosures, bankruptcy, tired landlords, failed listings, and so much more.

woman holding smartphone and click on button on email saying request my cash offer

Better Results with Personalized Emails

How often do you scrap a flashy ad email that’s not personal and was obviously sent to hundreds of people?

More than a first name and address, our emails create an experience that feels like a one-on-one conversation with a real person.

Behavioral emails are triggered based on seller answers and actions, and your Inside Sales Associates (ISA)  monitors the emails and takes over when the conversation requires a live person.

woman holding smartphone and click on button on email saying request my cash offer

Smarter Marketing with Automated Campaigns

Our segmented emails start the conversation, putting leads on the path to conversion. No matter if they are ready in days, weeks, or months, our campaigns will deliver relevant messages based on their interactions and behavior.

We can see every lead entering the automated workflow—the individual and collective response to each email, allowing us to optimize our messaging and campaign continuously.

percent increase in open rates
percent increase in click rates
CCPA compliance shield

Regulatory Compliance and Email Compliance

We have several email compliance features, which ensure the health of our email marketing and abide to national and industry-specific provisions.

Compliance is a moving target, with regulations changing or increasing every few years. We follow best-practice guidelines and stay up to date with rigorous regulations such as:

Email Marketing Insights

Email Marketing Insights

We are always updating our Knowledge Base with the latest insights on REI marketing tactics. Check back weekly for new articles.

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