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Text Messaging (SMS)

Short message service (SMS) or texting is the fastest, quickest way to reach leads and build relationships.

We combine the power of strategic marketing and software to create engaging SMS campaigns, and our Inside Sales Associates (ISA) answer in real-time all replies.

GoForClose achieves an unmatched reply rate, even in saturated markets, through personalization and messaging.

Old senior man received text messaging offering to buy house and he replied asking offer
Old senior man received text messaging offering to buy house and he replied asking offer

The Effectiveness of Text Messaging

Real estate investing/wholesaling is time-sensitive. You may lose your chance at a deal simply by not reaching the motivated seller lead early enough to start a conversation and make an offer.

With Millennials and Baby Boomers spending about 5 to 6 hours on their mobile phones, texting is one of the best ways to get their attention.


of SMS are responded to within 3 minutes of being received



of US adults own a cell phone

(Pew Research)


of people ages 44 and below prefer to be contacted via text messaging

(Startup Bonsai)


of all delivered text messages are opened


What REALLY Makes GoForClose Different

Gain a competitive edge with our proven text messaging (SMS) marketing methods. Success depends on more than just sending massive amounts of texts to lists. The goal is to engage and spark conversations.

Double the Response Rate

We connect with ~50% more leads (than others) texting for Real Estate Investing

~60% Response Rate

The Real Estate Investing SMS average response rate is 30%. We beat that benchmark even in oversaturated markets.

High SMS to Prequalification

Your Inside Sales Associate (ISA) live answers and calls the leads

Replies in ~48.5s

No wasted time. The ISAs reply in less than a minute, and when there is intent, they begin prequalifying immediately.

Thousands of Leads per Week

Personalized targeted messages to connect, engage, and nurture until they are ready for your offer.

Multiple Campaigns

Timely marketing messages, based on lead behavior, to nurture those not yet ready and identify when they are offer-ready. Scheduling confirmations and appointment reminders.
Automated text email campaign and appointment setting real estate investing messaging

Powerful Marketing Automation

Smart and more relevant messaging to reach more leads, SMS is integrated with other channels to responses at scale and maximizes time and effort.

  • Segmentation to address pain points and seller’s journey
  • Nurture campaigns to keep them engaged over days, weeks, or months
  • Autoresponders triggered by the lead’s reply, as a response to the most common queries
  • Away messages for missed calls and replies during out-of-office hours
  • Scheduling confirmations and reminders sent days, hours, and minutes before your appointment
3 Text messaging real-live answering scheduling appointment with real estate investor

Reach Thousands, Focus on Motivated Sellers

We use lead scoring models to identify the priority leads to text first. Focusing on leads with higher distress factors and motivation identifiers ensures we target first the homeowners who will most likely need to sell soon.

Your dedicated Inside Sales Associate (ISA) live answers all leads, prequalifies them, and schedules appointments with you or your sales team.

Focus your time only on motivated seller leads.

3 Text messaging real-live answering scheduling appointment with real estate investor

"My ISA, Maria, is amazing. On a fairly consistent basis, I hear sellers tell me that they get messages from other people all the time but never answered, but they answered this one because of Maria."

Marvin Espinal (Premium Home Buyers)

Better Interactions Increase Your Deal Chances

Sending hundreds of texts in minutes is one step, but how do you respond to all leads in an engaging way and prequalify them without wasting time or losing their attention?

Our Inside Sales Associates (ISA) train hard and are under continuous performance evaluation and training. Unlike the easy-to-find Virtual Assistants, our ISAs are prepared and knowledgeable enough to handle conversations, qualify and follow up with homeowners to make them offer-ready.

Your Real Estate Investing ISAs are a game changer for your business. They save you a lot of time, connect you with leads, boost efficiency, and help you close more deals than ever before.

Laptop with reports Measure optimize track marketing

Continuous Optimization for Lead Generation

We have launched SMS campaigns with well over a million contacts, and we leverage technology to track campaigns, texting, and ISA performance. Here are some of the metrics we track:

  • SMS deliverability
  • Text messages sent and response rate
  • ISA reply time
  • SMS attribution to endorsed lead
  • Quality of ISA interaction with the lead
  • Message A/B testing to different segmented audiences to continuously tailor messaging and improve lead response rate
Laptop with reports Measure optimize track marketing
Man holding shield indicating protected secured compliant

SMS and Text Message Compliance

Our SMS campaigns follow all texting procedures and carrier requirements. Our messages do not get flagged as spam or bad actors, and we use pre-approved, dedicated phone numbers.

If text messaging laws and regulations change, we update our campaigns accordingly. Here are some of the organizations that oversee text message compliance:

Text Messaging Insights

Text Messaging Insights

We are always updating our Knowledge Base with the latest insights on REI marketing tactics. Check back weekly for new articles.

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