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GoForClose Why Marketing Campaigns Are Important

Why Marketing Campaigns Are Important

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A great marketing campaign can help you close more deals! 72% of marketers say content marketing increases engagement and the number of leads. It guides prospects toward the desired action, in this case, selling you their property, and also makes you memorable.

Here is a brief guide to marketing campaigns and why they work so well for real estate investing (REI) businesses.

What is a Marketing Campaign?

A marketing campaign is an organized course of action, with strategized efforts to promote and sell a product or service. It is structured to reach audiences in many ways through a series of channels, including but not limited to cold calling, text message, email, direct mail, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

advertising is a component of marketing

Marketing, Not Advertising

Marketing and advertising are often confused with being the same. Actually, advertising is a component of marketing. Marketing is the effort to achieve a goal, like raising brand awareness or getting more properties under your belt. Advertising is the creation of content with persuasive messaging around the marketing goal.

Choose a Marketing Strategy

There are three types of marketing strategies – multi-channel, cross-channel, and omnichannel. Cross-channel marketing is the most effective campaign strategy for real estate investors. This method uses multiple channels that are connected and communicate with each other. It considers the lead’s motivation, online interactions and replies, and sends the right message at the right time, encouraging them to take appropriate action based on their interests.

Marketing Campaign Components

Several components go into planning and executing a marketing campaign:


Align your marketing with your target audience. Create and leverage customer personas. A persona is an archetype that represents the key traits (i.e., behaviors, interests, pain points, etc.) of a large segment of your audience. You leverage personas to produce content that hits their touchpoints.

several components go into a marketing campaign


Campaigns cost money. Factor in agency and advertising expenses and punch those numbers into an ROI analysis to measure the benefits of your campaign.


How you distribute your campaign matters. There are phone lines, print media, and online (social media) channels. Grow those most relevant to your audiences and omit the ones that do not work.


What type of content will you create for your campaign? Will it be direct mail, email, PPC, blog articles, and/or video ads? Including multiple formats can help nurture and retarget leads.


Key performance indicators help you measure success. Know the end goal of your campaign and gather the qualifying metrics to quantify results. This way, you can determine if your campaign is reaching and engaging audiences and optimize, as needed, to drive results.

Marketing Team

Producing and managing a campaign is hard work. Your time is valuable. Having a roster of people to help you with copywriting, web development, customer care, sales, budget planning, and other elements of the campaign will give you back your time to focus instead on sales and closing deals.

GoForClose is the only all-inclusive marketing agency for real estate investors. We use several proven marketing tactics for lead generation and nurture those leads to get them ready to send to you or your Lead Manager.

All the tools and every tactic mean nothing if there is no strategy. We tailor a marketing strategy that meets your needs, matches your requirements, and suits your market. This way, we reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Our team of experts has Real Estate training and experience dealing with homeowners. We understand seller personas and leverage these when creating marketing content. We also measure campaign performance and optimize, as needed.

We do the marketing for you, so you can focus on growing your REI business.

If you have questions or are curious to know more, request a free consultation below.

Wayne Hudson
Business Development Manager

Wayne Hudson has a background in sales and real estate - but with a passion for economics. He uses his knowledge of economics and real estate to help clients think strategically and make decisions to optimize their outcome.
As the company's business developer, Wayne works to help GoForClose grow.

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