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GoForClose experts will meet with you to plan your REI marketing



Your REI marketing

One of our REI Marketing Experts will meet with you to discuss your unique needs and budget.

We'll develop a customized marketing plan based on your area and budget. The plan will include lead generation in a variety of channels.

We will also integration with your current lead generation tools, including D4D software, to enable you to reach a higher volume of leads and achieve the highest return of investment.

GoForClose experts will meet with you to plan your REI marketing
GoForClose lead generation with list building, skip tracing, list stacking and lead scoring


Firing up

Your lead generation

Done-for-you list building, skip tracing, list stacking and lead scoring

Mastering multiple channels is hard, but with GoForClose you don't have to learn or manage any of them - our dedicated team will do it for you.

Plus our data specialists will find the best lists and skip trace them.

And our team of cold callers will contact the leads to get them moving.

+ 227,244

Leads provided and marketed to our clients


Immediate follow-up

Lead qualification

Follow-up and staying top of mind is critical.

Your leads will be placed in targeted campaigns with text messaging, ringless voicemails, emails and direct mail. Our VAs are Internal Sales Associates ready to pre-qualify leads for your Lead Manager.

Tons of sellers are not ready to sell. Everyone knows you should be following up with your cold leads but so few do. Our automated campaigns will keep them engaged so when they are ready, we'll send them to you.

GoForClose provides campaigns with sms text mssaging, voicemails, emails and direct mail
GoForClose builds the lists, does the marketing and Real Estate Investors focus on closing deals


CRM integration

Close deals

Focus on closing deals

Watch your leads flow into your CRM.

The leads will be pre-qualified in terms of readiness and motivation so your Lead Manager can easily sort them and hand you the hot leads.

No more chasing leads and lists or wasting time on unqualified leads.

Automate your marketing

Get more leads

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